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Plan 2 Write teaches secondary students to become confident writers in any subject

Plan 2 Write (P2W) is a 4 step visualisation and composition process for teaching students to plan, write, and publish written texts. P2W strategies are compatible with any subject where short and extended responses are a tool for assessing student progress. 

P2W is for students of any ability level, from gifted students to students with learning difficulties. The four steps are differentiated according to ability, text type, and writing purpose. P2W tutors are literacy experts who have many years of experience with teaching kids how to write across a wide range of subjects skilfully. 

The four P2W phases must be taught and learned sequentially. P2W strategies are taught explicitly through extensive teacher modelling. It is vitally important that each level of the 4 phases is taught in order for the student to achieve maximum success with their final grades. 

The four phases of P2W include: 

1- Planning- visualisation via diagrams

2- Scaffolding- visualisation via a linear structure which includes the development of the thesis, topic sentences, evidence and link(s)

3- Drafting and editing 

4- Publishing 

The more crucial step in learning to write well is step 1. By teaching students to plan and visualise a discussion/argument/creative idea, they become equipped to undertake any form of writing, and this includes fiction and non-fiction text types. 

Students who have not learned to a) plan or b) scaffold, perform poorly in examinations or in-class assessments compared to take-home tasks. The P2W tutorial program fosters and develops visual literacy in students, which means students learn how to plan coherent and intelligent responses to set tasks. This awareness of visual planning occurs because of a greater understanding of subject content; in addition, the student can more easily navigate difficult topics, complex analytical essays or more mature, creative examples of fiction writing because of the specific ways they are taught to transform visuals and ideas into cohesive extended responses. 

Students often disregard mind-mapping or planning as unnecessary to the writing process. As a teacher, I would often come up against push-back from students who refused to show their planning or even attempt a mind-map. P2W tutors insist that every process utilised in the P2W toolkit. Brighter students often suggest that planning is beneath their ability, and students who struggle often do not have the confidence to pinpoint a starting place. P2W tutors push students to confront their learning barriers so that meaningful progress can be achieved in their writing.  

Each of the four phases of P2W encourages students to demonstrate their knowledge of the topic or argument. Therefore each phase of P2W must be explicitly taught and modelled by the tutor, so the student maximises their learning potential. P2W is the ideal program for parents who want to support their child's learning from the comfort of their own homes. 

By visualising a pathway to a cohesive written response, students learn how to structure a range of different text type responses effectively. By participating in P2W online tutorials, your child will learn lifelong writing skills that will assist and support their learning from their first year in high school through to University. 

In addition to learning invaluable visualisation skills, students learn via explicit teaching and practice of how to structure, mould and develop written text according to different subject text types for example; essays, letters, diary entries, reports, experiments, proposals, newspaper articles, short stories, narratives, and recounts. 

P2W teaches students how to be independent learners who can produce cohesive and well-written texts via any form of assessment method, including home-based tasks, in-class assessments, and formal examinations. 

Participation in the P2W program means that each necessary, linear step will improve your child's ability to decode text, construct arguments, and support those arguments with appropriate evidence.

P2W tutors will develop a tutorial program individualised to the learning needs and abilities of your child in order for them to demonstrate growth and achievement at the school level.  


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