HSC English Extension 1 and 2 Writing Task Review

HSC English Extension 1 and 2 Writing Task Review

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$95 fee per essay or creative task  includes: 


Detailed review and feedback of either 1 x English Extension 1 OR 1x English Extension 2 writing task- analytical OR creative. Feedback will include explicit and detailed comments that are designed to explcitly show students how to improve the quality of their analytical and/or creative responses. Unlimited email support for the student from the P2W tutor after the return of the reviewed writing task is included in the cost of the review and feedback.


At time of payment, student is required to email copy of Assessment Task/Exam Question including Marking Criteria to plan2write@gmail.com



  • Writing Task Return Policy

    Students must nominate a return date for feedback. Please note that a minimum 24 hours to a maximum of 1 week's notice must be given for drafting and feedback to be completed and returned in time to the student. Tutor will confirm date of return of feedback shortly after purchase.


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